• installation created by

    Lois Andison

  • project curated by

    Dawn Cain, Curator, BMO Corporate Art Collection

  • assisted by

    Marnie White, Brad Van Der Zanden

  • mechanical design by

    Colin Harry

  • acrylic fabrication by

    Marc Littlejohn Inc.

  • machining by

    Paul Cahill

  • automation integration by

    Automation FX

  • concept renderings by

    Norm Li

  • installation assistance by

    Dustin Baldwin, Brian Gravestock, Colin Harry

  • exhibition text by

    Rui Mateus Amaral

  • gallery text panel, gallery card and invitation designed by

    Michelle Astrug

  • gallery mount and bench by

    Brian Gravestock

  • photography by

    Toni Hafkenscheid

  • video by

    Nelson Rogers

  • website design by

    Gordon Hicks


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. I worked with some amazingly talented, patient and dedicated people. These include Colin, Marc, Paul, Lain and Paul. A very special thank you to Olga Korper Gallery, my partner Orest, and my sister Donna for their ongoing guidance and support. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to Dawn Cain, champion of champions, and BMO Financial Group for commissioning tree of life.